“I have grown in the Lord, like never before…it’s been an amazing journey!”

Shares the Christian composer/singer/songwriter Christina Paul who continues her journey with her newest musical offering, Lord Of All, available this June, 2014 on Intercessor Records. A powerhouse vocalist, unique and creative music composer, heart-warming songwriter and charismatic performer, Christina returns to the music marketplace with her heart-gripping songs that reflect her unshakeable faith, her undeniable heart for missions and oneness in the relationship with Her Heavenly Father.

The album’s first single, “Lord Of All” is a soulful Praise & Worship song composed and written by Christina Paul. The song is beautifully crafted with magnificent string arrangement by Kristin Wilkinson and dynamic vocal arrangement by the Grammy winning producer, Phil Naish. Christina pours out her heartfelt gratitude and praise to the Sovereign and Omnipotent God, yet still gentle with His strong love and overflowing grace and mercy surround and sustain her life.

The second single, “I can see now,” – composed and written by Christina Paul, reflects Paul’s heart for missions. “Compassion – God has definitely made my heart grow in compassion. I feel compelled in my spirit to pray for others and be there for people who are hurting to cry with them and make a difference in their lives in any way I can”, she candidly shares.

Another album stand-out, “Never Let Me Go,” is a cry and plea to our Heavenly Father to wrap us in His arms and never let go of us. The song is composed and written by Christina Paul and arranged by her producer, Phil Naish.

Described by Christina as the album that is very close to her heart, Lord Of All represents diverse musical styles — from soaring ballads like “Never Let me Go”, “Touch of Grace” and Praise and worship songs like “Lord of All”, “Come, Holy Spirit” and the R&B/funk vibe heard in songs like “Beat of my Heart” to the back-to-the-basics vibe in songs like, “How Long, O’ Lord”. With the multiple Grammy Award winning producer, Phil Naish, at the helm of production, Lord Of All is a cohesive project that speaks to the hearts of listeners, motivating them to be one with God, to completely rely on Him, to have compassion toward others and to be His hands and feet and make a difference in the world.

Besides her Indie Award(En Sound Music Awards) as the Best female Vocalist of the year 2008 and the album distribution in the U.S. nation-wide through Family Christian book stores, in India and in other parts of the world, she has been featured in TV shows like, 100 Huntely Street, Daystar-The Celebration Show, The Harvest Show, Atlanta Live, the Spirit of Arkansas-KATV, Deeper Living, Good Life 45 and also has been featured in Christian Magazines like Women of Faith, Christianity Today, Lifeway Christian etc.

Beyond her artistry, she has co-founded a Missions organization with her husband Paul Jeyasingh, “Christ For All, Ministries” (2010). “God has filled my heart with compassion for hurting people those who do not know Christ. My mission is to support and to build an army for Jesus working to win souls for His Kingdom. By God’s grace, we have the right people supporting us and we have 16 full time missionaries working in Northern parts of India where it is still dark and the light of Jesus needs to be shown! The Harvest is plenty but the laborers are few!”, she continues.

“Born to Indian Christian Parents and growing up in India, I see the overwhelming need for spreading the gospel. There lived a man who I know about, a devout Hindu, lost so many of his children to an epidemic disease. He only had two more children left to carry on his legacy. He was so heart-broken and was very angry with the god he worshipped. But a British missionary’s love and care got his attention and he let him pray over two of his left-out-to-die kids who were also infected with the disease. Jesus’ healing hands touched the children and they got healed completely and so was his heart…He accepted Christ as His personal Savior and lived for Jesus ever since then-Starting from the heart wrenching and compelling testimony of this man who is also my great, great grandfather to millions of people’s lives being touched is through missionaries who represent Jesus! If not for the British missionary and God’s saving grace, all seven generations in my family would not have had hope for eternity!… A missionary just does not touch one life, he touches generations..and that many souls!! – And that’s big!!” she shares her heart felt testimony and her heart for missions.

“All of the proceeds from my music will go towards our, mission ministry!” declares Christina Paul.

“I am so blessed and honored to be serving my Lord at Victory Church in Lakeland, FL. ‘To Know Christ and to make Him known’ is what they go by. It is one of the most giving Churches in the U.S. Our Pastor, Rev. Wayne Blackburn has a heart for missions…I love the Church’s vision”, she shares with a smile.

She works to balance these endeavors with her greatest calling—as a wife, and mother of two kids, Joanne and Matthew.

With the release of her newest album, Christina Paul shows determination to use her talents for God and to be a branch that bears fruit and strives to make a difference as His disciple by sharing the vision of Jesus and His heart for missions.